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when everyone is gathered around you
i'll be the one hanging back
when the people you know are cheering you on
i'll be the big ol drag
to let you know i'm disappointed in you
though i might be the only one to say
i see what yur doing and it fills me with dismay
cause you're growing up
and rising above
when your climbing the ladder
do you wonder, my love
who's gonna get thrown under the bus
that you're riding to success

i've been thinking it's time to let you go
as much as i've tried to stay
but you're the one who's abandoned me
in so many ways
other than acknowledging directly
that i have no place
in your life now, you'd rather keep me but just for display
keep me- keep me at arms length
but don't erase me from your list
cause then you'd have to admit
there is a real disconnection
and a vast world of differences

i've come to think there's something about me
that you don't want to see
cuz when i try speak my mind
it seems you don't truly respect me
and the path you've been choosing
goes against everything I believe
and the way you've been interacting
leaves no room for sincerity

i know you're gonna live in a real nice house
and you're gonna build your life around
you're rich husband and your biological children
and all your friends will be liberal professionals
and your vacations will be transcontinental
and you will be so polite
to the cleaning lady
you will convince yourself
that you're living so consciously
i'll be the voice to tell you
that that's nowhere near good enough
i'll be the one to point out
that your universe is corrupt
you're perpetuating patterns
we should all be trying to disrupt

if there was a way to keep you in my life
i hope you know i would do it
and if you wanted to understand
i'd do my best to explain it
but our past interactions have left me feeling so hopeless
cause my tiny little stifled voice
is no match for the current
that's sweeping you away
and washing your brain
as you think you're growing up
and you think you're rising above
when your climbing the ladder
do you ever wonder, my love
who's gonna get thrown under the bus
that you're riding to success


from Tuffy Red Sings Into A Tiny Microphone, released February 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Tuffy Red Minneapolis, Minnesota

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